Inguqulelo ka him in isiXhosa



Ubizo-magama /him/

isimelabizoPlural them

  • 1

    There's John. Do you see him? Nankuya uJohn. Uyambona?
    We like him, the old man Siyalithanda, ixhego
  • 2

    We like him, this boy, but not his brother Sithanda yona, le nkwenkwe, hayi umntakwabo
    As for him, Veli, he's run away Yena, uVeli, ubalekile


Remember that in English we use 'him' for boys and men and 'her' for girls and women. 'Him' as used in Sense 1 above is usually expressed by an object concord (OC). 'Him' can also be expressed by an absolute pronoun, especially to show contrast or emphasis.