Inguqulelo ka tall in isiXhosa



Ubizo-magama /tawl/

isiphawulitaller, tallest

  • 1

    Molly is 1,3 metres tall UMolly unobude obuyi-1,3m
    How tall are you? Umde kangakanani?
    You are taller than Paul Umde kunoPaul
  • 2

    a tall building isakhiwo esiphakamileyo
    → Antonym of short
    tall trees imithi emide


We use 'tall' to describe things that have a certain shape: 'a tall man'. We use 'high' to describe things that are high above the ground: 'a high branch', 'high clouds'. Some things are described as 'high' or 'tall': 'a tall building' or 'a high building'; 'a tall tree' or 'a high tree'.